Health & Responsible Tanning

Most people worry about sunbeds as they have always attracted negative media attention, a lot of people think sunbeds give you skin cancer. This is not correct, if you use a sunbed correctly. The exposure to UV lights is not the danger, it is the overuse of sunbeds is where the problem lies. UV light is actually a vital ingredient to general well being. Absence of UV potentially can be more harmful than the moderate risk associated with UV exposure.  Since many of these benefits of UV light are underexposed SunKissed will list them to inform you about the positive effect you will gain from responsible tanning:

– Responsible tanning can be used as an anti-depressive therapy since it increases the feeling of well being. It boots serotonin levels (the happy hormone).

– Tanning bed use reduces chronic pain.

– Vitamin D has beneficial influences on obesity as higher levels of serotonin supresses the appetite so you will eat less in warmer weather and after a sun session.

– Tanning beds dramatically increases Viatamin D levels and bone mass.

– In 2006 Dr. Edward Giovannucci and colleagues determined that low Vitamin D levels cause 85’550 cancer deaths per year.

– Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to an increased incidence of schizophrenia depression.

– Vitamin D can help with skin disorders such as psoriasis, certain allergy types and acne.

– Responsible tanning stimulates the production of white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses.