Semi-permanent Make-up

Semi-permanent make-up for Brows, Eyelash, Lip Definition colour filling in lost pigment. 

Also Hair Replacement with colour for receding hairlines and balding patches for Ladies and Gents.

The treatment is done by placing a natural pigment into the skin and creating Natural brows, with hairlike strokes, to give full brows or more definition to sparse existing brows, that have gone thinner because of over plucking.

Lips can be given more definition by creating a natural or more bold outline to the shape and filling pigment loss to the lips to create fullness to the natural lip contour.

Eyes can be given the illusion of thick luscious lashes by placing pigment into the natural lashes and creating a perfect line to the natural shape of the eyes.

Hair replacement to the loss of receding hairline can be performed by placing natural tiny amounts of pigment to create the illusion of a new grown hair or hair-stroke to fill in the gaps.


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